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First Fatty

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Wife has been browsing site and thought a fattie would be fun to try.  Only have about 12#'s of pulled pork from this weekend but who am I too argue.  Here is her first try.  It is a Herb sausage with onions, mushrooms, cheese and a little shredded potatoe inside and her first try at bacon weave.  From what I have read on forums.  250 for 2 - 2.5 hours, internal temp too 170.



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Cool looks good. I bet it comes out great.
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All done.  We went with a pretty basic one.  Want to see how the flavors are before deciding on what type of rub to use.  We did get nice smoke color on the bacon, smells awesome.  Internal was at 172, looks to me like bacon could use some more cooking, I see a little white still inside.  It was thick cut bacon.



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Looks great!


Nice smoke ring!

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Thanks Al,

Have to say,, the older MES  does smoke very well at lower outside temps, around 75 today.  We didnt try crisping it broiler but will have to on the next try.  Boss prefers crispy bacon instead of chewy.  Not bad for first try.  She was surprised at how much flavor the sausage has.  I might be in trouble if she starts wanting me to smoke it instead of using fry pan for normal cooking :)  ohhh, just a thought,, smoked sausage chub with apple chips,, then put into her favorite sausage n biscuit gravy mix :)  Some flaky biscuits with that,, maybe some hot pp on the side to mix it.  Damn,, now I am hungry again :)

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Next time use the thinnest bacon you can buy. It will get crispy in the smoker. No need to crisp it up in the oven.

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Looks like a success!

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Looks Super, Larry !!!





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Your Fattie looks awsome and like Al said you should use thin and cheap bacon on them next time. An believe me there will be a next time.

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Looks real great Larry well done....

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