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Pork Butt and Spares

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Hello fellow smokers! It has been 3 months since I have posted....for that I am sorry! Summers are just a lil busy around my place. And since the school year has started again I have a little extra time to share some smoke with ya'll!


So here it is. I picked up a 4.5lb butt yesterday and had some spares in the freezer from a recent sale! 1.79 a pound! Gotta love that price for spares!


I didn't get any pics of the rub down! Due to the fact that my wife and I didn't get home till 12am after a trip to the dirt track fpr some races! None the less I got em rubbed down with my own special recipe and put em to bed for a little rest.


Here's where they are now. 11:30am...Butt's been on since 9:30 and the spares went on at 11. I'll keep the q-view comin'


JFL 2011 016.jpg


JFL 2011 017.jpg


JFL 2011 018.jpg

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2:15....Just probed the butt and she is sitting at 161 after 3 hours 45 minutes.


JFL 2011 021.jpg


I also have a batch of BBQ sauce going. I took my recipe X5 I'll be canning 2 pints of the extra.


JFL 2011 020.jpg


And if I am gonna have the smoker going I can't go with out some ABT's!


JFL 2011 019.jpg


The one pint of BBQ sauce in a water bath for canning.


JFL 2011 022.jpg


Not the greatest pic....Sun was at my back...But the ABT's were on and I added a lil extra brown sugar to the ribs...I was out of foil for some unknown reason so what better reason than to try spares no foil!


JFL 2011 023.jpg


Spares slathered in sauce and ready for slicing!


JFL 2011 024.jpg


Not quite the smoke ring I was looking for.....th_crybaby2.gif


JFL 2011 025.jpg


JFL 2011 028.jpg


Ladies and Gentlemen.................The Money Shot! Also featured are home grown heirloom tomatoes, garden green beans from the slow cooker with ham and red potatoes, tweaked out Bush's baked beans, and a baked tater(2 spuds....I know seems odd, but, I love my taters)!


JFL 2011 026.jpg


My brother in law says.................."You don't need teeth to eat Crezy Jake's Ribs!"


JFL 2011 027.jpg


And no.....I haven't forgot to give you an update on the butt....Here it is sitting at 197. And again since I was out of foil there was no better time to try pork butt no foil! The bark looks amazing!


JFL 2011 029.jpg


The butt finished while we ate some tasty ribs. I pulled it at 209 at 5:30pm. Then I let it rest till about 8:45(the pulled pork is tomorrow night's dinner). Here is the end result after pulling....


JFL 2011 030.jpg


JFL 2011 031.jpg


JFL 2011 033.jpg


Here is my view on the no foil ribs and butt......I thought the ribs a little bit more pull than I like. They were still extremely tender but I like em with a slight pull. The bark however was amazing! So, next time I am going to do a 3-1-2 method. The butt however I WILL NEVER FOIL AGAIN! I like the faster cook time when foiled but I loved the bark I had on the no foil method. Man the bark was so good it was hard not to eat it all while I was pulling it! Well, I hope you enjoyed! I know I did!



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Looks real good from here, Jake !!!!


Good to see ya!



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Thank you Bear! Good to see you as well!

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Well scratch the 2 extra pints of sauce. I guess 5X after reducing only yeilds 2 pints....So I get a pint for today and a pint for canning!

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Qview updated!

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Looks like a perfect meal. Got me craving ABT's again.

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Great looking ribs!


The PP looks perfect, I don't foil butts anymore either!


Nice job Jake!

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We had the PP tonight and it was amazing! I did not get a money shot...Sorry! My little guy had JFL practice so it was a busy night...

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Looks like a great smoke to me?


Good luck and good smoking.

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