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I think I am done with foiling my pork butts. So sick of the mush. - Page 3

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Huh? That's funny, how come all my meat comes out juicy?

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This may be a dumb question, but that's never stopped me before.  biggrin.gif


If I don't foil a butt, can it still be finished in a low oven once it hits 165?  I have an 11 lb. one I am doing this weekend.  I like bark.  My oven is digital and can be set to 200 or 205. 


My plan is to start it at noon, smoke it until 10:00 or 11:00, then into the oven and go to bed.


Any thoughts?

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Originally Posted by stephan View Post

Ok I dont foil but heres an interesting read on temp stall and why to foil


He also has done experiments that prove that the more airflow in the oven the lower the stall temp so the amount of draft in your smoker will impact the process. For example, pellet smokers, which have a fan in them, create a convection environment and that speeds the evaporation, so the stall can be shorter. I might add that ambient temp and wind and other environmental factors also come into play.


Will basting the meat or putting a water pan in the smoker impact the stall? "There is no question extra humidity will slow down the cooking process, whether it comes from a water pan or wet mop.




This actually makes sense to me considering my experiences with butts on the GOSM compared to my stick burner, here's a post from my website


Give yourself at least 2 hours a LB (SMOKERS WILL VARY, for example my GOSM takes longer than my Stick burner per/LB.) I am averaging 80 minutes a pound on my stick burner.


Thanks for the link, I'll continue to do my butts no foil but now understand the true science behind the stall.

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Originally Posted by oldschoolbbq View Post

Huh? That's funny, how come all my meat comes out juicy?


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Ok Guys, you have me convinced, no foil.  Doing my first 9 lb Butt in a Smok-it #2 electric set at 225 almost 5 hours in and reading 155*.  Used mustard, Jeff's rub and pecan chunks from one of my tree limbs that has aged about a year.  We were considering foiling at 160, but reading all this has changed my mind and will not be foiling.  It is about 11:30PM. Going to bed soon, so might not monitor/log the stall reactions closely on this smoke.  The main thing I am looking for is the end product. I might need to put in a larger drip pan.  I have 2 different probe alarms set to 203 to wake me if needed and then we will foil and put in the ice chest at least a couple of hours.  It seems I might be up by the time it gets there. 


Thanks for all the great information and opinions. 

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i have never foiled pork butts and love the outcome.

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At 17 hours was reading 175 on a 9 pounder.  Had a very long stall last night in the 159-163 range.  I  It has moved up to 180 in the last two hours, so it must be getting on the back side of it.  Temp in the Smoke-it #2 is running 223 to 229 area, so that is going as planned.  I had to take a peek at it, great bark, but surprised that there was not much juice in the catch pan on the shelf below, about a cup I would guess.  Had to resist picking a chunk off.  Sure smells good.

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I studied this forum for weeks before smoking my first butt. I have smoked 5-6 butts now never foiled and they've turned out awesome. Family and friends have given nothing but compliments. Nice bark and never been dry.
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Pulled it off after 24 hours at 201*, foiled it for 2.5 in the cooler, opened it to cool a little bit and started picking at the edge with a large serving fork.  Wowie Zowie. wondered if I got it too tender somehow, never had meat like this.  It was very tender and moist with a great bark  Picked out the bone, some fatty chuncks and a few hard pieces on the end tips that got dry, tore the bark into small pieces and mixed it in.  Added some of the SoFlaQuer's finishing sauce. What a taste enhancer.


Had a large bun with half Head Country Hot and half KC Masterpiece BBQ sauce mixed and a big scoop of my wife's coleslaw.  It was fantastic.   We will be eating more tomorrow.


Thanks to everyone for sharing their information, opinions, successes, failures, concerns and ideas.  Everyone here made my first Butt cook very successful.  Thanks again.

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24 hours :wife: My wife would kill me.

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I had to just let it do what it was doing till it was done. While it was longer than we expected, we were not on a defined time frame, so that part did not matter.  I was able to "pull" it by just scraping a standard fork over it.  Best piece of meat I have ever smoked.  I am going to have to do another one soon, the little bags in the freezer are not lasting very long.  Really good stuff. 

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After 4 hours, I put mine in an aluminum pan, with a wire cooking rack in the bottom of it.  Learned that at Myron's cooking school.  It still gives you the moist heat, without all the mush.  Put foil over the pan to seal it good.  I have no problem producing a nice bark.

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