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Labor Day smokeout!

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just getting started with my Labor day smoke, well not really, I prepped last night

but anyway, got the smoker loaded at 07:30 central time

first round are baby backs and country ribs.

rubbed them last night and gave them another coat this morning

in a few hours I will also be doing some yard bird qtrs that  I brined over night in slaughterhouse brine

also some wicked beans and sweet corn.

will have to employ the Weber Genesis also today as the GOSM just isn't  big enough

more to come , stay tuned

baby backs

laborday 003.jpg

more baby backs and country ribs

laborday 002.jpg

more country ribs

laborday 001.jpg

in the smoker @ 07:30 with the TBS rolling

laborday 004.jpg

stay tuned

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Looks like the perfect start to a great day Lar!




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Can't wait to see the Q when finished.

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looks like you could be butter, cause your on a roll!!!

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Put the Chicken quarters in the GOSM  about an hour ago

country Ribs are brazing in the Alto-Shaam .

wicked beans are on the Weber and the sweetcorn is husked

oh, and pulled pork too! in the crockpot.

I brined these over night in slaughter house brine and coated with Jeffs Rub!


laborday 006.jpg

everything is done over  apple wood today!

Stay tuned drool.gif


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Can't wait to see more!



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Everything looks Great so far, Unc !!!!


I'll be with "hyyal".





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I didnt do the best Q view of the final

for got the bear view

but here is the spread. everything turned out delicious

wicked beans in the foreground chix , then the ribs, corn and pulled pork in the crock pot

laborday 007.jpg


laborday 008.jpg

baby back in the front, country ribs in back

the baby backs were fantastic, as were the country


laborday 009.jpg

pulled pork.  I had this vacuum sealed in the freezer and it tasted just like fresh made

and fresh veggie compote from the garden with balsamic vinegar dressing.

laborday 010.jpg

great food and time with family

thanks for watching

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drool.gifGreat Spread



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Feast fit for a king!

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Everything looks Great, Unc!!!


Including the BearView !!!





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It doesn't get any better than that, Lar!


Great looking meal you put together!

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Now that's a barbque spread!!

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