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Dutch Oven Stew Recipe

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I have learned so much in the smoking section I thought I would give something back biggrin.gif


I am from South-Africa - what you refer to as a dutch oven - we know as a "potjie"

Here is a wiki link for the full description and history -


Anyway - lets start this.

The pot in this case is on a gas attachment - usually this is done on open coals - but the idea is the same.

It is also a round bottomed pot and has 3 legs - that helps the whole over the coals thing.


Start by chopping a onion.



Add some oil to your pot.



and fry the onions



Remove onions and set aside for later.



I used some stewing beef pieces - bone in, but you can use any cut - ox tail also works very nice



Fry that up as well, adding some salt and pepper in the process to taste



Once done, add enough water to half cover the meat.



Now get a selection of vegetables - on this case was have some whole small onions, some baby potatoes, some peeled carrot chunks, chopped green beans and some broccoli.



Add the veggies on top of the meat - I like to add the harder veggies first - like the carrots and potatoes and just layer them up.



Close the lid and set to a low heat simmer for about 2 hours.


In the mean time make a sauce - combine a packet of minestrone soup mix, 2 TBS fruit chutney, 2 TBS sugar, 2 TBS Worcestershire sauce, 3 TBS of tomato sauce and 250ml of water.



After the 2 hours is over - add the sauce, and then spread the fried onions over the top.



Cook for a further 30 min on low heat.



Serve on a bed of rice ..... mmmmmm





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Looks super!


I have to do some research on this.  Looks like a combination of the US dutch oven and a wok?  Very interesting!


Thanks for posting.


Good luck and good smoking.

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That looks GREAT and I bet it is good too.. I like to duch oven cook I have several...

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Does not really matter if the pot is round bottomed or flat.

Some say the round bottomed one does better with heat distribution - I don't know.

I have use both the flat and rounded bottom models and they both worked just fine.

The round bottomed one with the legs worked a bit easier when used over the coals.

Here is a better image from the side.



As for the gas bottle attachment - its is a lazy way of doing it, I actually prefer cooking on coals, but it was Sunday morning - and was just way to lazy ....

This is what the attachment looks like.



As for additional recipes and ideas - there is so much out there.

Just google "potjiekos recipes" here is a couple of good ones biggrin.gif




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That's a great looking stew!


Perfect for a cold winter day!

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Thanks for the info, Mike.  Very interesting toys you have there!


Good luck and good smoking.

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Looks good to me



1 Welcome brisket green.jpg

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Welcome Mike!...It's finally starting to cool of where I'm at...Your stew is putting me in the mood...Especially for OXTAILS!!!...JJ

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