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howdy from central NY

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Hi all,  


Signed up for this account a while back, just got a ECB a few weeks ago...  love it!  I am having a slight problem with temp control on the thing though. I have drilled holes in charcoal pan and added a grate to get them off the bottom but it still starts slow then over shoots, then settles down at about 230. I am thinking I'm using the chimney wrong but I will learn i guess. So much information here.... 





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welcome1.gif   Glad to have you with us!



If it settles down to 230 & you can keep it there, then that's perfect!


Just wait until it's stabalized before you put the food in it.

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Problem is that it is taking about an hour maybe a little more for it to get to 230 after the temp spikes.  thinking I am just putting too much in the chimney to start with

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