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Overnight smoke....

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Hey all, got an ECB a few weeks ago. since then I have smoked wings and a few other small things but tried a brisket tonight for lunch on labor day...



Well fell asleep a little longer then I had wanted to. woke up at 4 and the smoker had cooled down to 170.  Does anyone think there is a problem with that? IT of meat was about 140.    Also I have most of the mods done to the smoker: hole is charcoal pan, legs on the pan and a working therm.   thanks for any help and if I can figure out how to post pics I will share them later!!



Thanks a ton!


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You're fine...You just have a Medium Roast Beef right now...Your cook time will be longer, just rebuild your fire, get to 225*F and continue...

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How many hours was it on when you checked it?


Did you inject it or have a temp probe in it from the beginning?


It may be just fine, but if you injected it or otherwise pierced the brisket and it was under 135 for more than 4 hours then it may not be safe.


What I'm trying to say is was the brisket above 140 when the fire died (it's OK then), or was it not at 140 yet, and in the danger zone most of the time (maybe not OK)?

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Al's point about piercing the meat is important to remember.  As long as you don't pierce the meat (transfering bacteria into the muscle) early in the cook you can treat it like whole muscle.  Outside of the meat reaches 140, killing the bad bugs laying on the surface and internal muscle is considered bad bug free.  I like to start my smoker at 300, load the smoke chamber and let settle down to smoke temperatures  220 - 240.  


If the IT was 140 when you checked it after the fire going out more then likely the meat had gotten to a higher temp during the cook.  You should be just fine.  As long as you get to 140 within 4 hours the meat should be safe.  This is important if you pierce the surface of the meat.  Was the brisket pretty well cooked? or still kind of rare.  That will give you some idea of how high the IT got during the cook. 


I use tongs, or my hands when loading and moving meat around when I first start the smoke.  Once into the smoke I will use a fork if it makes re-arranging the smoke chamber easier.

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I did not have the temp prob in before this point. It had been on for about 5 hours but checked at 1am and the smoker was at 240ish... just about to go take it off IT is now 190 maybe a little over done, gonna foil and wait for lunch time!!   Thanks for the quick  reply's

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Don't forget the pics.

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How did it turn out?

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AL & AL are right...The way I read the post, I Assumed Rook tested at that point and it was the first time he was sticking it.


Assume bad...Getting the MEAT HOT before you STICK-IT...Priceless!!!...JJ jaw-dropping.gif

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Sounds like it was OK,

How did it come out ?

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