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Posting Photos

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I am a senior with considerable experience in preserving meat, smoking it and making sausage. I would love to participate in this forum but made a mistake in downloading  some pictures in my first post.

Admin quickly advised me that I would be booted if the mistake was made again. Can anyome advise which selections to make from photobucket in order to comply with forum rules?

I used the same format that works on several other forums but it apparently does not conform to the standards here.

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Welcome. I don't use photobucket but it's fairly easy to add pics by clicking on the  icon for photo to the left of the video icon. It gives you the option to browse and take the photo from your desktop, or any drive on your computer. I plug in my photo card and take them directly from it. I'm not computer literate at all and I post tons of Q-View.


Good Luck!

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Read This

That should help you a bit.
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Read what?

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Originally Posted by steelchef View Post


Read what?

click on the words "read this". he made a link for you.


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If the photo is on your computer, it's a lot easier to just use the insert image icon at the top of the text box.

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Thanks for all of your input folks. I'm quite familiar with Photobucket and do download images from the camera to the computer. I've been doing this for years but have always used the IMG link to post on other forums and for sending large packages to friends and family.  I guess all I can do is give it another try, when appropriate.

Bmudd, Thanks to teeznuts I finally clued in to the "Read this" link, Duh. It should be helpful. 

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