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Fatty Tonite

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Well this is what I made today. Came out pretty good. Hope you enjoy the Q-view. All that had liked it.

Filling constituted of Totino's Pizza rolls, green onions, tater tots, some kind of white cheese (don't know what it was in a zip top bag in the fridge, thanks to the wife) and my bbq sauce. Outside was Jimmy Dean hot and mild mix wrapped in bacon.














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Looks great.. Boy you no how to roll a fattie.. bet it was tasty

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And I thought I made some crazy fatties! I love the pizza roll idea. Did you pre-cook the pizza rolls or did they go into the fatty frozen?

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Excellent Dave!

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Thanks for the replies.

I semi pre cooked the pizza rolls and the onions as I wasn't sure they would cook at all.

I don't do this very often and started to think of all the things I like to eat. Wife says some of these don't go together but it turned out good.

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Nice job with that fatty..

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kinda reminds me of a garbage fattiie, just throw in everything left over or whatever you feel like eating! NICE!!

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The recipe sounds like something my 6 year old niece would suggest.  But it looks like it came out tasty!

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Yeah thought the filling was kind of weird but it came out better that I thought. I think you can put just about anything in a fattie and it would come out good. Just about.

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