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Hey, Guys...I need some help here.

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I'd like to ask you guys for your opinion on which 30" MES you would buy:

I can buy a 30" analog Masterbuilt for 150 bucks. 547 cu/in inside.

I can buy a 30" digital for 170 bucks. 640 cu/in inside.

Which one is the better deal? What's the skinny on analog vs digital? I remember reading where the guy preferred one over the other, but I am handicapped with CRS, and can't remember what it was all about.

I don't do any heavy smoking, just a chicken or a roast now and then.

Thanks for any help,


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I personally own the digital MES30. I recently bought my father-in-law the analog MES30 when I saw it at Bass Pro. I originally wanted to get him the digital but it wasn't priced as well as the analog was at Bass Pro and I was in the Chicago suburbs where selection of electric smokers was limited.


I smoked several meals on the analog while I was out there to help him get the hang of smoking. I did bacon wrapped cordon bleu, pork spare ribs, cowgirl's beer bread, ABT's and a few fatties. Everything was a hit. My only complaint was that the analog has 3 racks compared to my digital which has 4. Then again I rarely use all 4 racks at once anyways. Also the water pan on the analog is much smaller than my digital. This leaves the heat element somewhat exposed to drippings but I had no problems or flare ups.


Hope this helps you. Any other questions feel free to ask.

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There you go a side by side comparison.

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