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new at brisket

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just a few questions on smoking a brisket.

 should i put my brisket on the smoking racks or in an aluminim pan or foil on the racks

no more smoke after 140. at 160 wrap in foil and finish to 190. wrap in a towl and let set for an hour?

am i on the right track.


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For the best smoke reaction, open grate. Drip pan underneath, if you should add some liquids...water, garlic and onion to start au jus, if you like...defat while brisky rests. Finish temp depends: 200 for pulled, 180 sliced, 190-195 tender sliced.

First time, keep it injections. Use water pan if you can to keep it moist, especially if fat-cap is removed.

Yes to foil/towel wrap/resting...3-4 hrs.

Don't stab with probe for about the first 3 issue with danger zone time/temp.

Smoke at 225 chamber temp with temp probe at grate level or calibrated smoker therm.

You can keep smoking to 140, some smoke at above 160 and foil at 180 and return to cook to finish temp in foil.

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thanks eric     need all the help i can get my wife says

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You're welcome.

Wish I had my computer internet...I'd post links to some recent discussions...on my blackberry and don't know of a way. If you click on the advanced search bottom and type brisket, then at the lower left select to display by recency and decending order, it should list every thread about brisket, most recent being first. Lots of good advice if you haven't read in great depth yet. Also, the beef forum sticky has good info.

The low and slow discussion regarding food safety is found in the Wiki... Highly recomend this.

Didn't notice 'til now that you're a new member, so, WELCOME to the family!!!!

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again many thanks Eric

smoking is great fun. but when your trying something new, its time to ask the pros

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Looks like Eric has you covered!

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