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Thought I'd say HI.....

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Just thought I'd stop in and say hi and let y'all know I'm still around... Hope everyone is doing good...  I haven't smoked anything in months and I'm goin thru withdrawals... Hopefully as the weather cools off a bit I'll get some smokin goin.... 


Here's me on the bike at the VA hospital after gettin my 3 month check up for the Leukemia...

Still doin good!!!!!




Take care yawl......   sausage.gif

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Hey there stranger. Glad to hear that your doing well. Cant wait to see you back and smoking.
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Howdy Oneshot !!!


Good to see ya keeping the dust off of that good looking Bike!!!!




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hi oneshot glade to hear all is going good... Nice bike icon14.gif

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Steve glad to hear all is well and can't wait to the the Qview again

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Hey, brother, welcome back!

Glad to hear you'll be polluting our skies with TBS again soon, and that life is treating you well.

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Welcome back, glad to hear all is well.

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