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Burgers out of chuck roast with some Q-View

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I took my old gas grill to the dump yesterday. Instead of replacing it with another gas grill, I decided to get a Webber Kettle.  I am happy with the purchase these kettles are built really well. 


Decided to break it in with home ground burgers, I used a chuck roast.  This was the first time I used the meat grinder I got from the Sausage Maker and it worked great.  


I will put the burgers on later tonight.   





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Can't beat a Weber Kettle.


Anything you can smoke on a smoker you can smoke on a Weber kettle.


It just takes a little more work & patience.

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Burgers turned out good.





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Very nice! I love fresh ground chuck burgers - nothing like it!

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Nice job!  Can't go wrong with a Weber!


Nothing like a freshly ground burger -- way to go!

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Great looking burgers!I have been wanting to grind my own hamburger for awhile now,just never done it.You'll really like your weber.I have even cooked a turkey on mine.Very versatile.I have had mine for about 6 years probably, and it is still in great shape.

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Lookin really good.  I bought the One-Touch Gold 22.5 kettle back in April and haven't touched my gas grill since.  Glad I bought the Weber instead of putting that money into replacement parts.

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I bought the Weber Performer and haven't looked back since.  I also have an offset smoker but I find the Weber better suited for two people.  I did buy a Smokenator for it and let me tell you it makes smoking in your Weber so much easier and with longer fuel burn times. 


P1000765 copy.jpg

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Just got my grinder and can't wait to grind my own burgers nice job can't beat a weber good luck with yours.

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The burgers look delicious!

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They look great

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nice looking grill,, I think I will pick one up when its time for a "new" toy...Cant go wrong adding a Weber to the arsenal,

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Fine looking burgers!

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Did you use any seasoning?If you do not mind me asking thanks for sharing.

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Nice looking burgers!!

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