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Lechon asado

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One of my co-workers is back in town after a long absence and I wanted to have a little get-together for his this weekend. He is normally a vegetarian, but I usually get him to breakdown and eat meat when I cook it. So the main course for today is lechon asado. This is my first go at this.



















Pedro the Piglet after picking him up from Eastern Market in Detroit yesterday. Yes, he is missing his head. My wife wouldn't let it in the house if it had the head on.


Pig rubbed and injected.jpg

















After being rubbed with a paste of garlic, onion, arbol chiles, lime juice, salt, peper and cilantro. Injected with a slightly thinned paste.


Pig in marinade.jpg

















In a marinade of lime, lemon, and sour orange juice along with more garlic, onion and peppers.



Pig on tray.jpg


















After 24 hours in the marinade, Pedro is out and on a tray waiting for his date with my grill. Will post results.

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drool.gif  wow. looking forward to the details on this one!! popcorn.gif

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cheers.gifI'll be watching.

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This is going to be good!


Good luck and good smoking.

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Pig 1 hour.jpg

















Pedro after 1 hour.


Pig 2 hour.jpg

















After 2 hours at 275. Had some issues on one ham where the skin stuck to the grill. Rubbed him down with vegetable oil and flipped him. Also the trotters started to blacken, so I wrapped them in foil.

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It's starting to look pretty good!

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Looking good so far 241.png

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lookin good ill pull up a chairpopcorn.gif

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Pig 3 hour.jpg

















Crispy and tasty. The skin is the best part!


Pig 4 hour.jpg

















Done, Tasty.


Pig food.jpg

















All chopped up. With black beans, onion, cilantro, griled peppers, green onions, radishes, rice and tortillas.


ig food 2.jpg

















Not sure why I put the radishes on the taco, but tasted great.

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WOW! drool.gif

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Love it,great show & tell.

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Pretty Cool! I love those Island Flavors!...JJ

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WOW! that's a pretty pig!! 77.gif  Bravo!!

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Bet it was juicy and tasty!


Good luck and good smoking.

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It tasted great. I'll do it again in a heartbeat.
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