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Newbie says Hello from Mountains of Colorado!

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Been in mountains for 3 years now. 


Left my old smoker in Dallas :(  But as god is gracious.  I just put my hands on an 13yr old Oklahoma Joes barrell smoker with 40 inch barrell and 20 inch firebox in excellent condition.  Cleaned and About to season.   Oh and for FREE! 


I get Fruit wood from Pallisades Co famous for the fruit and wine in Colorado.. 

So set with an amplpe supply of Apple, Cherry, Peach and am about to crank up the smoker!


I am a Ribs and Butt man... but... any advice on Smoking duck or Goose would be greatly appreciated.


Glad I found you guys, I got her as fast as I could..



Oh and if anyone knows a good place to purchase a Smoker cover I would greatly appreciate as it will have 2 feet of snow upon it by October



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Welcome to SMF  :)  Think you can find advice for smoking everything around here.  From an earlier post, maybe even some Groundhog recepies coming up :) 

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welcome1.gif  You cann find anything you will ever need right here.  Just use the handy dandy search bar at the top and you will be amazed what pops up.  Happy smoking!

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Welcome aboard!


Good luck and good smoking.

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welcome1.gif   Glad to have you with us!

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Weclome to SMF. Great community and great advice all around.

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