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cant keep it smoking

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i just bought a masterforge from Lowes.  Broke it in yesterday and it smoked like crazy.  today started baby backs and saussages.  smoked for an hour and now any new wood judt sith there.  its up around 225 but no smoke.  any thoughts?


Thx.  Smokeless in Pennsylvania

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Not too familiar with them, but usually you need to get the wood closer to the heat source or increase the heat. Is it possible this wood is greener than the other you used??

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I don't have your smoker, but I do have a gas smoker that had the same problem.


I replaced the factory chip pan with a veggie wok. It sits closer to the flame.


It has holes in it & I just put some aluminum foil in the bottom, to keep the ashes off the burner.


Here's a photo:



Chicken thighs 8-4-11 2.JPG

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