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Gatlinburg vacation

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Wife and I are gonna be in Gatlinburg next week.  Any members familiar with the area and have some good tips on BBQ joints ? :)

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Not me sorry !!!

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Whatever you find, I bet it won't be as good as your own!

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Originally Posted by LarryM View Post

Wife and I are gonna be in Gatlinburg next week.  "Any members located within the area and wanna have the wife and I over for some BBQ?" :)

There, I fixed your typo.
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Good one MD!

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I am a Tennessean that somehow has found his way to Arizona. But I would be on that end of the state a couple times a year going to UT football games and we would always stay in Gatlinburg or Pigeon Forge for the weekend. We would always stop in Sevierville, Tn at Smokin Ed's which is pretty close to Pigeon Forge. But just like Al won't be as good as your own!
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Clint's BBQ & Family Resteraunt in Sevierville  

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Thanks all,, got those written down and marked on map.

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Sticky Fingers BBQ in Chattanooga isn't bad.

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Damn I'm too late to post places. I live here and there are some great bbq places I could have told you about th_crybaby2.gifPlease tell me you didn't stop at Tony Gores BBQ on Winfield Dunn Parkway (Hwy 66 in Sevierville between I-40 and Gatlinburg) not only does his BBQ taste like garbage but he over charges and gives you tiny portions.

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Nope we didnt.  We actually didnt get to any bbq joints at all.  We went with home cooking and spent 2 days in Cherokee, eating traditional food.  It was a fantastic vacation, I love the mountains and cant wait for our next trip so I can try some fishing.  We moved our old timeshare from Florida up to Gatlinburg,, I will get a week vacation each year there.  I cant wait for the next one :)

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A lot of the locally owned BBQ places in Sevier county come and go all the time but there are the chain restaurants like Corkys and Bennetts located on the strip in Pigeon Forge. Then in west Knoxville there is Sonnys Real Pit BBq and Famous Daves both of these see me on a regular basis.

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Qview though just for my girls :)  I have 2 Shih Tzu's and they missed me after a week away.  Thought I would spoil them just a little.  Have to make sure the ingredients fit the forum,, so I had some smoked cheddar, applewood smoked bacon, toasty english muffin, fried eggs and some jelly to give them a little sweetness,, not that they need it.  It has cooled down enough now to give them,, I expect lots of kisses from this one,, it is certainly good enough for us too eat :)  And a little sprinkle of Parmesan,, they love that :)  I have no clue why the oldest one is almost 20#'s,, they arent supposed to get over 12#'s :)



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pic of my spoiled ones,  fat n happy but need a bath :)




Pic of the bosses first fatty.  She used 1# ground chuck, 2 eggs, some ritz crackers n spices.  Then put in some cheese, mushrooms, onions for filling,, wrapped in a bacon weave.  It was not dry at all and didnt taste like meatloaf.  For her first,, it was great :) She just told me how to cook/smoke it,, 225f for 2 hours, internal hit 170,, so might not have had to go that long.



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Nice looking fattie

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Bennets under the tram used be killer but last time we were there they changed a lot.

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For future trips...


Got a sweet tooth?

Go to the Apple Barn complex and browse a bit. Apple themed general store, small winery, christmas shop, creamery, two restaurants. Yea tourist stuff only but stop in at their Creamery and get the Apple Pie a la Mode. Best I ever had, never miss it any time I'm near there.

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Turned out not to matter, but for store bought Q, Calhouns is in both Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge.  While I have not eaten there a guy from Memphis has opened up 3 stores in Knoxville, called Archers BBQ, with plans to open 3 more in 2014.  Either getting a good reception or he has plenty of money or plenty of credit.  

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