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Smoking a Labor Day bottom round

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Were having a crowd over today so at the local wholesale club I picked up the biggest hunk of meat I could find. 13.75 pounds of what I think was a bottom round flat (I threw the packaging away during prep yesterday) it had a nice fat cap on it so I (ignorantly) assumed it had some connective tissue for a good long slow and low. I figured id be slicing out rather than pulling it, but now I'm regretting bypassing the brisket.

I lucked out a month ago and found a beef clod at the local grocery store, my inaugural smoke with the new smoker, I just didn't give myself enough time four what should have been a twelve hour smoke plus a two hour rest. Wife and guests got impatient on a sunday night so I only got to smoke for maybe seven hours plus a half hour rest.

So anyway, yesterday I did the mustard slather, applied a coffee based store bought dry-rub, wrapped in saran, and refrigerated for twelve hours. Woke up at four a.m. and started my smoke. I'm using kingsford coal on my char-griller trio with the sfb. IT is currently 110 and she is coming off at 135. Foil wrap then towel and going in a dry cooler four at least two hours. I wil slice it with an electric knife and serve on hamburger buns with horseradish or a carolina vinegar hot sauce I made the other day.

I think I read every article on the entire internet about smoking lean beef, which is how I found this forum. Anybody else smoking on this holiday weekend?
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Sorry if the pic is too big, posting from my phone
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Wish you had a photo of it without the rub. It sure looks like a brisket.

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Originally Posted by Slackeyed View Post


Attempting to resize
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We like big pictures!

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That's a nice looking piece of meat. Your right it will make some great sammies sliced thin.

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heres that clod I did last month

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These are getting coated with oil, stuffed with bacon and pepper jack, and a squeeze of lemon, then grilled

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Keep it coming buddy! It all looks good!

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Almost forgot the most important thing

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Hi Slackeyed! Hope you'll go introduce yourself in roll call, and post whereabouts you live...I'm hoping just around the corner from me!  This looks great, you know you can smoke those peppers, too? check out the abt posts here. (is that an IPA there?) CHEERS!

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