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chinese ribs, masterstock then smoke

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 I posted masterstock already,decided to tweak it a bit.What our chinese butchers over here call short ribs.I cut between each bone,put them into masterstock .Let it come to the gentlest of simmers from a cold start. Gave masterstock a bit of a lift with some dried chilli,ginger ,garlic,sugar couple of blood orange halfs topped it off with chicken stock.Plan is to simmer them for an hour then put them in smoker with a baste of masterstock,blood orange juice,chinese BBQ sauce & a little honey.Give them 2 hours over maple.IMG_0444.JPGIMG_0443.JPG

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IMG_0446.JPGPut some fresh citrus peel on the rack below meat,for first hour. Gave them a baste with masterstock etc put a bit of honey in it as well. First hour.

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IMG_0448.JPGTurned out really well. Decision to leave skin on worth it. Stayed moist just cut extra fat off when I  ate them. Baste was good kept it thin might try a thicker version next time. Leftovers & baste will be reheat for dinner tomorrow. This hybrid method has a future.IMG_0450.JPG

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Looks delicious!

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Moikel, mornin'....those looks your creativity.......

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Thanks Dave I  think this mix of methods is interesting. The poach part of it gets flavour in but still leaves you time to smoke & baste it. Orange peel in the smoker at same time gave it a great aroma. Dont know if it changed flavour at all,but it smelt great. We cut meat different down here too,then the chinese cut it different all over again. You cant beat them on price when it comes to pork,I dont buy beef from them but thats just me.

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