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Sausage Saturday

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A buddy came over and we ground, mixed, and stuffed 5# of sweet Italian links and 5# of Jamaican jerk sausage. Both turned out nice.
The jerk had 3 oz. of finely diced fresh habanero pepper with a load of allspice, anise, ginger, etc. Right tasty. I'll be slow cooking it tomorrow afternoon.
A couple of pounds of Italian links were kept out for Monday. We're thinking sausage with peppers and onions along with a pitcher or two of sangria!!
Oh, I have a couple of pounds of leftover pork butt smoking in the MES 40 right now. I cured it this afternoon and seasoned it up for tasso.
No pictures. Maybe I'll get some of the jerk when I cook it off tomorrow and the Italian when it's had time to bloom. The paprika is really showing off!
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What is Jamaican Jerk Sausage sounds real good. I just got my Lem grinder and stuffer ,mixer coming in on Tuesday cant wait to start making sausage and advice?

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Would like to see some Q-View....sounds nice...

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Sounds good!



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JJ Sausage



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Grilled about 1.5 # of Italian links tonight with peppers and onions. Good stone ground mustard and we were good to go. No pics since it was ALL DAY at the HOME SHOW and I was beat!! But, never let anyone say making your own sausage isn't worth the effort!


I've tried three times to post the pics so I GIVE UP!



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