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that's awesome, i will be putting this on my list for my next get together. how long did that take to cook all the way threw?

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Dang, another day late and dollar short suggestion.  I sure coulda used this idea 3 weeks ago instead of standing there by the grill flipping burgers.........  BUT.... it's gone into the LC for the next time.  Gotta give points for a great suggestion (if we could still give points.....)points.gif


A thought on the cooling rack idea:  They do make foil platters with holes in them that could be set on top of the cooling rack.  It would make it easier to cut and remove the individual burgers from the rack.  And the cleanup would be easier and since I do my own cleanup, I'm always looking for the easier way to get the item cleaned.

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OK the boss just caught me looking at this and said i have to make it next time the crew is here,   so>>>>>


1)  how long did you cook the meat, low heat since you cant flipp it unless you cooked halfway then turned it using another pan?

2)  It looks like the meat was cooked before you added the toppings and bacon, did you finish it off in the oven broiler?


thanks in advance 

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I see what you did there...    a flat fattie -> a flatty?  that's a great idea! thanks a ton for sharing this with us. I bet you start seeing a lot of these real soon on here!  I'm with Rick, more details please?  Cheers! to your burger and your brew!!

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Awesome!!!   There's going to be a run on these now!!!!


Great looking burgers & a happy young lady proving how good it is !!!!



Thanks EJ,


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As I type I'm thinking of toppings to make one of these myself. How long did it cook? what temp? did you pull at a specified IT? any smoke involved?


Looks awesome. I think a trend has been started.

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Now that is something I've got to try. Still not sure how you cooked it ?
inquiring minds need to know !
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P1000729 copy.jpg


I cooked it on m Weber with indirect heating at about 275.  After the first 45 minutes I rotated the pan to keep things heating even.  I gave the coals just one little pecan chip because the girls didn't really want a heavy smoke.  After about two hours it was medium well.  The bacon wasn't crisp enough for me so I fired up the gas grill and gave it a quick browning.  The flatty :) is about 1 1/2" thick before any toppings are added.  Once done I cut it into eight sections and added more cheese.  That was it.  I think you could bump the first 275 temp up to 350 and get the same results. What was nice is you can add what you like.  The BBQ sauce gave it a great flavor.  I guess you could even use a tomato sauce if you prefer.

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Looks great but how can you get a bite into your mouth?????

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You need to attack it from all sides.

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       Holy Cow !!


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awesome job. That look's great !!!

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You really got a winner there EJ!

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very nicely done  xrocker.gif

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