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Baby Back Ribs with Q-view

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Good morning All,


Here's a picture of the smoker just starting up. More pictures to follow.














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Dam, hope you have A LOT of baby backs in there.

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Looking forward to the Qview.

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There has got to be 100lbs of BB`s under there...popcorn.gif

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Nice looking rig. Now lets see some meat.

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That is a sweet looking rig!


How does it smoke?


Looking forward to seeing some of those ribs!

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About two weeks ago I took this smoker to my first BBQ comp and we took second place in ribs out of fifty teams. We were only one point behind first place. I just got done wrapping the ribs in tin foil. In two hours I will take some pictures before and after I put on BBQ sauce.


Stay tune in. Pictures to follow in  about two hrs.

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Really looking forward to seeing your award winning ribs!


Do you have any secrets you want to share?

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Update Picture Ribs with the BBQ sauces on it.





They are very Tender!!!!!


Couple of them fell apart when trying to flip them over so I can my homemade BBQ sauce on them.


Low and slow. Good fortune's will come to him/her who waits! About an hour left so we can them while watch the football game.

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They sure look good!

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