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Mods complete on analog MES 30


With the AMNPS ordered and Maverick 732,, I figured it was time to try to mod my old style MES.  I am a computer geek and noob at most stuff.  I did try and took 2 years to modify an old sitting room into a kitchen, (qview included),, I did all the electric, plumbing, tile, walls but I suck badly at trim work.  I was good in math but carpentry angles will be the death of me.  So back to mods :)  with all the tools she has bought me over the years,  I found a cordless dewalt 18v drill and I think it was a wood hole cutter and decided to play while she is working.  I drilled a 1" hole in the lower right side of case, below where rack will be but above heating element, then I drilled a 1.5" hole in center of top.  It wasnt pretty inside but I did have a metal file and tried to make it too where I dont lose any blood or skin if I brush up against it.  I am temporarily going to use refridgerator magnets for vent covers, until I can figure out how to cut something better.  My thought right now is too get a driveway reflector, break off the plastic and use the metal backing,, cut a slot in it to allow holes to be open or closed,, then drill a center screw offset some from hole so when I spin it,, the vents are covered.  In my mind, it seems easy enough :)  I am too impatient,, so quickly cleaned up any metal filings that fell inside,, put water n chip dish back in,, and preheated to 225, vents are set for about 1/4 open right now,, I see smoke when I open door, but nothing is coming out the top.  I am hoping that TBS is not so thick that I need to see it.  I did put my nose over the vent hole,, after burning hairs,, I can smell apple :)  So,, next step,, I have a couple thick cut pork chops, boneless.  Rubbed them with some McCormick grill apple bbq spice and will toss on for a couple of hours.  Will also put a couple tators in there too.  3 hours till boss gets home,, I should be done by then.  I am not a pro,, but would love too see smoke pouring from top.  As this was a long post n lots of pics,, I should now say,, woohooo :)  I have smoke coming out the top vent, smoker is full of it but it is too sunny outside for me to get a pic.  Normally at 80+ degrees,, I get squat.  I can even smell it inside the house :)










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Those are gonna be Great, Larry !!!!


Waiting for finish pics!





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Right there with you Bear!


I brought a six-pack!



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Those 2 vent holes are doing wonders.  I have a little TBS going in the smoker,, some coming out top vent and little magnets seem to be holding up to heat and not sliding off the holes.  Both new vents are 1/4 covered.  I just added my version of cheesy potatoes to the mix.  Little 5x9 pan,, buttered,, then start slicing potatoes, shredded cheese, butter,, then layer with potatoes/shredded cheese/butter and keep going till pan is full.


The wood chips are burning perfectly,, I have a pile of ash on one end,, then charcoal,, then the other end is unburned, and smoke everywhere :)  I got a little concerned at amount left so threw in some more mesquite chips.  I will have to learn how to adjust the vents to slow them burning.  But... right now... I got me a new smoker :)  Once I get the maverick and ampns setup,, gonna smoke my arse off :)  Just wondering,, to make it pretty and seal it better,, maybe try to find some brass 1" and 1.5" fittings to screw into the holes,, that would seal it better for the double wall insulation, only problem would be,, the fitting would be raised from the case and the magnets wouldnt sit right.  Maybe though, its not needed,, a little bit more work for heating element to keep air cavity warm... first test though,, I am smokin happy :)


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Dinner is ready :)



Only had a couple hours to play around once I did case mods.  But some thick cut pork chops,, my version of cheesy potatoes,, some home made sweet cream corn n a smoked tator.  I do have to say,, I notice a big difference in smoke flavor,, not heavy but good smelling/tasting flavor.  Guess I wasnt getting enough air flow or something before though I did have a good smoke ring.  I dunno,, still a new player,, this did taste alwfully good though :)



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Looks Great, Larry !!!!!


OMG!!----Awesome plate there!!!!!



Thanks for the views too!!!



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What an AWESOME Finish!




No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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drool.gifLooks-Great.gifBoth of them .The food and the remodel.

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