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My First Fatties! QView included!

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I smoked my first fatties on Monday using recipes I found on the forum.  I had heard of them before and tried one a friend made but never realized the extent of how creative everyone here gets with them.  I decided to make two.  The first one I made was chicken cordon bleu. The second was simply called chicken fattie.  The second was my favorite as it had chicken, crab, green onion, stuffing and cheese.  Thanks everyone for all the information!  I did a lot of research of different recipes and techniques and it helped a TON!  I will note that the ham in the chicken cordon bleu was a bit thick, I'll use a thinner cut next time.  It came out really well but was a little tuff to get a tight roll on it with the mustard and thick ham.  The second rolled up nice and came out perfect.  Next time I think I'll do one sausage and one brat.
Here are some pics!












Above: Chicken with the crab and green onion




Above: Stuffing applied




Above: With both cheeses added, ready to roll






Above: Both ready for smoke




Above: Can anyone else see the face of a pig on the top one, left end???




Above: All done, now for the money shot




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Wow looooks delish yahoo.gif   im going to pack my smoker this weekend with all sorts of stuff

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Nice job looks better than my first one....know it was good...nice idea...

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Thanks!  I did nothing but prep last night for this weekend. Going to smoke some chicken and smoke my first butt tomorrow.  Put the chicken in brine and applied the Jeff's rub to the butt this morning before I left for work.  I'll be sure and take some pictures

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You must have done your homework, because those fatties look like you have made many more than just those two!


Congrats on your first try!

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sooo, stupid question,, but for a 1# roll of sausage,, a 5 x 7 bacon weave is sufficient ?  Wife wants to do one with 1# medium heat italian sausage, about 20 McDonalds hash browns mashed out too fit, some slow sauteed onions, hot and green peppers from garden, diced tomatoes and some portabello's sliced razor thin,, then in between layers, she wants 3 poached eggs.  Gonna be a nightmare for me to make but was worried if the bacon weave is standard.  Yours look perfect and all tucked in the ends :)  Oh and I should finish with say,, very very nice fatty :)

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Larry, I haven't used sausage yet but from what I've read it will fit just fine.  That sounds like a lot of hash browns but sounds really good!  This link is really helpful for getting the sausage flattened and consistent.  Thanks silverwolf!


He also did a weave tutorial found here:


I can't find the link to the bacon weave "technique" I used but this is close.  The only thing I did different was to get the bacon as close together as possible when I laid out the 7 strips length wise and I would recommend folding down your first 3 half way and work your way out, then repeat for the bottom half.  The link I was wanting to find showed to do it this way and I think it helped keep the weave tight.  But to each his own, as long as it's covered in bacon right? HAHA


Hope that helps!  Be sure to post pics when you're done grilling_smilie.gif

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