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Australian Smoker

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Hi every one,

Just joined and have a Weber Smoky Mountain Cooker- Smoker. You may have a bit of trouble understand some Aussie lingo but I 'm sure it will be mutual. xrocker.gif Our spelling can be quite different.


I have been doing small amount of smoking for years, but now looking at some serious endeavours.

We get just plain sausages from our butcher shops here, which are made with what we call minced meat, as opposed to minced steak. Minced steak sausages are available as well but  have a lot less fat in them.


I am interested to find some good smoked sausage recipe's.


Not wanting to make them as just for the wife and myself it seems like too small a quantity to bother with.


 Have read quite a few posts and love the forum.




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Welcome to SMF!!

 We have 2 or 3 members besides yourself from Oz.

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welcome1.gif   Glad to have you with us!

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Welcome aboard mate, glad to have you with us. Hoping I get the chance to visit down under someday.

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Thanks guys, much appreciated, it' all good fun.

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Welcome aboard!


Lots of sausage info here:


Also you might enjoy:


Good luck and good smoking.

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