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ABT Prep question

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Quick question...I searched but did not find the answer.  Is it ok to prep the ABT's the night before?  


I'm doing an overnight smoke of pulled pork Friday night, but won't have much time in the morning to prep the ABT's to go on after the pork is done.  I was going to core the peppers, cook the sausage, and put it all together with cheese/bacon the night before and then put in the fridge until around noon on Saturday.  Will that work?


Thanks for the help...

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Don't see why not, do it all the time.  You can definetly make the filling and core the peppers then put together the next day to save some room in the fridge

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I have prepped them the day before and it seems to work just fine

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The night before should be fine.  I have cut/cleaned the peppers the nite before when time was an issue and it worked out. 

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I agree, I have done them the night before as well!

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Do them that way all the time, just cover tightly with saran wrap so the cheese doesn't get a crust on it.

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looks unanimous

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We usually cut and clean them, but wait and apply the cheese, Lil smokies and bacon the next day.

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