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MEAT (Loaf) RAGE - Qview - Smoked & Stuffed for the Haters.

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Well we set out for a mind blowing Sunday Dinner after some mindless drunk discussion from the night before. Mission was Accomplished! This is usually how we do our meatloaf in the oven minus the bacon and half the size.

we knew we wanted something encased in a bacon weave (don't know where we got that idea, fricken forum!)


So we started out with a 2 lb weave. 2 lb bob evans hot sausage, 2lb of the best ground sirloin krogers had available, homemade salsa, Italian bread crumbs, a couple eggs, & sliced portabella mushrooms.


Glooped her altogether and plopped half of it on top of the bacon weave. 


Insert around half a pound each of pepper jack and muenster cheese.


Plop other half of meat on top and sealed cheese up tight so we have no blowouts, and wrapped bacon weave around the rest. F'n Beautiful!!!


Smoked over indirect charcoal & added mesquite smoking chips along the way. Cooked for around 3 hours and wow did this thing turnout!


First smoked meatloaf was a definite success, I'm still Gobbling meatloaf sammies with no complaints. Cheese was perfect and the first cut into it sent it exploding out. Once again F'n Awesome!!






Having trouble with picture transfer. Pics are to come later tonight!



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Awesome.  Waiting for the pics.

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Scud, I know the feeling. I had problems with my Qview too.

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Eat Your Hearts Out Ya Filthy Animals!!!!!! 

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Pics are uploaded, but since I'm the FNG the moderators gotta approve it I reckon.

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Looks great!

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photo.JPGsmoke rang for the haters!

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That last pic says it all!



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What Al said!

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Looks awesome

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I'm confused... How can anyone hate anything that is covered in bacon and stuffed with cheese?!? Especially when it looks that good!
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Originally Posted by Skud3695 View Post


Eat Your Hearts Out Ya Filthy Animals!!!!!! 

Filthy Animals?!?!


Didn't take you long to get our number!!!  biggrin.gif




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The cheese oozing out alone looks awesome, then you add the rest ... wow!

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There you go !!!!

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WOW   Looks-Great.gif

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That looks disgustingly good. And I mean that in the best way possible!

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