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Pull Pork Q-View that got lonely, so had to make him happy!!!!

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 Started with a 6.25 lb pork shoulder. 




Rubbed it the night before.




 It hit the smoker 7AM Sat morning.  Love this smell..... th_violent5.gif




6 hours later, pulled it @ 150 IT and foiled it.  Hmmmmmm what to do now???  Oh I got it...ABT's!!!!!!




 This was my first attempt.  Used whipped cream cheese mixed with cumin and garlic salt, pepper jack cheese and wrapped with thick bacon, then sprinkled with alittle rub.




 I saw that the ABT's were lonley too, so I threw some asparagus, sprayed with oil, seasoned with garlic salt them wrapped.  




2 1/2 hours later......I think I would push it alittle more next time but I kicked up the heat to 260ish and waited 20 min or so to try and crisp the bacon.  Note to self, leave more time for this.  :)




 I love this part.  Pull at 205 IT and sat in a cooler for an hour or so waiting on the aspar and ABT's.






AND THE MONEY SHOT!!!!!!!!!!!!  It was soooo good!!!!  grilling_smilie.gif



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Looks awesome, I like that asparagus too great idea!

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nice looking plate o' food...James

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Damn, that looks good. even the veggies :) 

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That's just plain beautiful!!!

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Great looking meal!


Good luck and good smoking.

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Wow nice lunch and dinner and breakfast!!!!

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Looks-Great.gif What a good way to mess up a "good for ya" Asparagus lmao

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great looking butt you have there.. bet it was tasty .icon14.gif

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why do I look when I am hungry, Well done

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nice one!!!  Thanks for sharing with us!

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good looking mealicon14.gif

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Wow nice first butt. Great plate view, you could have just wrapped the entire plate in bacon and saved a lot of time, but you can save that for another day. You got me liking my laptop.

Whats next on your ajenda?

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It all looks delicious!

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That looks great, good job! icon14.gif

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