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First time Brisket! DONE! Heavy qview! - Page 2

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The one on the left is the flat.


The right one is the point & that's the one you cut up for burnt ends.

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Thanks smokingAl biting my nails waiting for a reply!!!!!!  77.gif

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Yep...Al see's what I'm seeing, too.

Looks like you're on your way.

Having trouble seeing a good view on my blackberry, but lookin' good so far.

Been out of the loop all day here....puter has internet issues, so I changed my cellular plan to unlimited so I can at least stay hooked up you guys.

Smoke on, Brian!!!

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the one on the left in the pic is the Flat, you cut the point up for your burnt ends, the one on the right..

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I just finished dinner and it was a HUGE hit!!  I let the brisket get to 200 as I wanted to make sure it was nice and tender and boy was it ever.

004 (2).JPG

Here it was when I finally pulled it at 200



Here are a couple slices!!!! 


My Burnt ends!!!  I think the wife liked these more than the brisket!  Man were they good.


A little Bearview!!!!

014 (2).JPG

My dinner plate!  Smoked brisket on an onion bun so fresh it was hard to cut, fresh corn on the cob, an apple cheddar salad and of course a few burnt ends!!!!


I have to thank forluvofsmoke for all his help and SmokingAl for my mid smoke help!!! For sure I will be doing another one of these!!!!

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looks_great.pngThat looks great. Bet it tastes that way too.

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Aaaaah, BABY! I love a good brisket smoke, and I really enjoy success stories.

Yeah. My wife is About to start begging for me to smoke another packer...she's a BE addict!!!!!

Glad it came together so nicely, and happy to be of assistance!

Well-executed plan, and a beaty of a smoke and finished plate.

Next one will be a piece a cake!

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Eric led you to nirvana!  Then you took me there with the corn on the cob!


Great job!


Good luck and good smoking.



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Great job!


I'm glad it turned out so well for you!

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All looks Awesome!!!  Exactly like I expected it would !!!


Great BearViews too!!





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great presentation.....nicely done......looks delicious  banana_smiley.gif

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Them Burnt Ends made me drool. They look great. Now I gotta take a 2 hour drive to get a Brisket so I can make some.... And the rest looks GREAT also.

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I'm working up to my first brisket tomorrow, and this thread and a few others have been a HUGE help.  I'll make sure I post some q-view if it turns out decent! 


Thanks to all who have been sharing their knowledge here, it's a big help to us rookies!

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drool.gifLooks great.

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