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PIZZA 'MATERS - Thank You meateater

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After seeing meateaters' I just had to try them, stuffed with Italian sausage, green olives, 'shrooms, pizza sauce and three cheeses, Emmenthal, Gruyere and Mozz, smoked for 45 minutes at 300° in the WSM, ...they were excellent!


Here's the Q-view.


I used disposable cups, didn't want to have to wash the muffin pans, here they are after resting for 10 minutes to allow the cheese to cool and solidify a little.


Pizza 'maters 003.jpg



Cooked to perfection.


Pizza 'maters 007.jpg





My dinner, entrecote, brown rice mixture and the 'mater.


Pizza 'maters 008.jpg





The quintessential Bear-view.


Pizza 'maters 009.jpg





Thanks for looking at my Q-view and thank you meateater for the inspiration.



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It looks amazing what a meal i am Drooling  .OK  OK  on my way for a good lunch.

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Awesome looking meal!

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Looks fine as frogs hair. I am going to weigh a ton coping you guys!drool.gif

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I loved Meat's post, and this one looks great!


I still have a few maters left on the vine.  Hmmmm?


Good luck and good smoking.

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Great job Gene- man I could handle a plate or two of that for sure

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I too loved Meateater's Thread, and I like your idea of the throw-away containers!!!


Those look awesome!!!


And thanks again for the phone call the other night !!


You are a gentleman & a scholar!!!   (and a heck of a cook!!!)  icon14.gif





PS: Great BearView too!!!!

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Looks great,, I love the color on the cheese.. You guys got me wanting to try these even more now.

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Looks great !!!!

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Man that looks tasty drool.gif

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Ahron, Al, JC, Merv, Gary, Bear, Terry, Roller and realtorterry,


Thank you for the kind words.



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That's a great idea. They look awesome. Something else I need to try now.

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That look awsome  drool.gifthanks for sharing the Q!thumb1.gif  

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Scott, thanks, that's the way it is around here, there are so many incredible things to try.


Sonman, thanks, it's my pleasure.



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