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First Rack

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Smoke a few racks of St. Loui's on the WSM for the first time. love this smoker....


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OOOOOOH BABY!!! Those look amazing!  Any details?  Did you do 3-2-1?  Foil no foil?  Do tell!!

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No Way! You can't TEASE with pics like that and not SHARE the Details, Recipes, ETC...JJ

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Man those look good
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Smoked them about 3 hours then I foiled them for an hour. Took 'em out the foil, put em back in the WSM for about a half hour. I also had a small Pork Butt on the lower rack which the wife pulled to make pulled pork sandwiches for later. Smoking with the WSM and the BBQ Guru is so damn easy. I am usually messing with the Char-griller every 45 minutes to the hour.



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Foiled  'em with parkay, honey, tiger sauce, and brown sugar.

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Wow they look so delish!!!drool.gif

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Those ribs look absolutely perfect!


Great job!



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Great looking ribs!


Good luck and good smoking.

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Looking good!

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