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First Q-view & some questions

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Hey all...


Been reading for a while, posted in the get to know ya area, and looking forward to learning a lot.  This is about the 3rd or 4th butt I've done on this grill/smoker.  Been using it like a smoker, similar to how I see the guys with the Weber Kettles smoking their meat.  Seems to come out very good.  What do you think?  The skin off the picnic was fabulous.  This was my first picnic and it turned out very good, very rich with all the fat.  Pulled very nicely.  You can see I hope the picture of my setup.  Anyone think that I could get one of the char-griller side boxes and attach it to the side of this grill to make it into a offset smoker?


Thanks for looking....


The smoker/grill

The setup





The picnic on top, the butt below.  There's the skin on the left.




Picnic resting on the cutting board.




MMMM...pulling nicely




Finished pulling....I think I ate half the plate.  Put the butt in the freezer for another day.  Always smoke more than I need.


Any comments appreciated.



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That's some awesome looking PP Scott!




If you want, you can put a fire box on the side & make it an offset.


You just have to cut a hole & mount it.


Your doing such a great job the way it is, why change?

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I see that pork and I think back to an old friend of mine that would take the mean away from the back are (try) to toss the bark. I finally got him to understand the benefits of eating the bark with the mean.  


That pork of your looked charred, but those that know (and confirmed by your Qview) see the beauty inside.  Great job and we look forward to seeing the progress of that mod to your grill.

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I have thought the same thing about changing because I have sort of figured out how to work my grill, but I would like to have more room for meat, and have a more true smoker.  As far as the char look, these pictures do make it look more dark then it was, but I guess it is charred a little, but probably due to the higher temps.  I had a couple of flare ups this time that I hadn't had before which took my temp to around 300.  I'm usually able to keep it between 225 and 250 which I know is a little high, but still produces some great Q.  I really am loving this smoking stuff.  

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Dont add a fire box to it,,, Just go buy a off-set rig. Always gotta have a excuse that you "need this or that"

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What Terry said!


Can't have enough toys!

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