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Irene = fewer members on-line

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It's been slow on the forum the last couple of days


I guess that between the 100 degree heat in the central part of the country and 10 million people on the East coast without power we have a lot of members not participating in the forum.  Hope everyone is safe and not too inconvenienced.

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What Al said!

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Power was intermittent but could not get on-line most of yesterday...I hope all is well with the Coastal Members...JJ

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Haven't heard from Bear. 


He must be having problems getting online too.

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Reporting in from Eastern NC.   Lost power Saturday morning(6am) and just got it back Monday about 4pm.  Lots of trees down.  Some areas around here might not get power back till Thursday or Friday.  Have some family in PA that lost power too.  



Here's hoping that T.S. Katia stays off the coast. 


Glad to be back on here.


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