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too much smoke???

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can you have too much smoke? i am new so bare with me. when i smoke with lump charcoal and add wood it is fine. that problem i have is the bag char coal cost money. wood i get for free. when i fire up the smoker just on wood. burning apple or cherry the smoke flavor is over powering.  is there a way to get around buying charcoal?



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There are some threads on the forum that explain how to make your own charcoal. 


What kind of smoker are you using?  If you are using an offset smoker then keeping the temperatures even is difficult if not using at least some charcoal to maintain your fire.  If using a larger smoker the apple and cherry are excellent smoke woods.   I have found that when using all wood build a smaller, hotter fire and add smaller pieces of wood to it.  The smaller hotter fire burns the bad stuff out of the wood faster and more efficiently so you don't get that thick white smoke for any length of time.   If you build too large a fire you will be out of the cooking zone  210 - 240.   You will have to pay a bit of attention to it but that is the fun part of smoking Low and Slow



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Al is right on.  We need to see the smoker.  Most of the smaller smokers are meant for charcoal and maybe chunks of wood.


Going with wood can be done, but requires more work.


Good luck and good smoking.

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