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Successful Weekend Smoke

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Did a Brat Fatty stuffed with sauerkraut, swiss cheese, carrots, onions and diced Claussen pickles... Also did a sirloin wrap, stuffed with Wisconsin Smoked Cheddar cheese, green/red/yellow bell peppers and onions....  I will be doing modifications to the brat fatty (I didn't like the taste combination with the swiss). I didn't get a piece of the steak but everyone that had a taste loved it!




















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Great looking fatties and cool smoker! Where'd you get that?
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Sam Adams smoker was a promotional give away at a local liquor store

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How much whiskey did you buy to get the smoker?


Just kidding, your fatties look delicious!


Great job!

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Yummy those look great!!

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drool.giffor the steak one for sure... looks great

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yeehawww or whatever native Indiana's say.  That does look good.  Showed pics to the wife and she wants me to do a fatty next.  she insists that she knows how to braid bacon.  I wont argue but must its maple cured,  she is already planning for this weekend.  I have a 14# shoulder to cook in my little MES, that will take about 20 hours or more :)  I am not a pro,, so its a lot easier for me to put stuff in at same time, then pull out instead of cooking for so long then throwing something new in.  But,, she is boss , I am just a noob cook.  Thanks for those pics though :)  My mind is already racing with some thoughts on grinding up some fresh pork chops, mixing with some herbs and adding some lobster/potatoe/onions for a stuffing.  :)

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Nice looking fattie!


Good luck and good smoking.

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Those do look good. Did you have trouble rollin it with that much kraut in it?

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Not at all... I drained the kraut so it's not so soupy.... it rolled up nicely!

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Man that looks good icon14.gif

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amazing love the steak one.....

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Steak fattie. Maybe have to try one of those. Did you just flatten a sirloin steak?

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