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Fattie part duex (q-view)

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Decided to do a fattie or two this weekend.  Both were a pain to roll, one was a Chicken Cordon Bleu, the second just a standard Sausage and cheese (home smoked pepper-jack).  Both turned out fine in the end, but the chicken was a fighter.  The sausage was normal, but i wasn't paying attention to what we got, used 1.5 pounds of sausage with half a block of cheese, it was too fat for the bacon weave!  But that's enough blabbing, onto the food.


Chicken, Ham, and Swiss cheese




Sausage, i didn't get a picture with the pepper jack cheese on, i had to take the dog outside and forgot what i was doing....




The twins, did some patchwork with bacon and toothpicks to cover the football sized fattie.




All cooked and ready to slice




And the moneyshot of the Chicken Cordon Bleu.  It turned out great, and personally i think the shot speaks for itself.




And thats all folks, just for fun, here is the sun setting on the day, which turned out to be a perfect day to smoke a fattie, even if i was out of whiskey....




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The fatties look delicious, & the sunset is magnificent!

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good looking fatties 241.png

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