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CB Silver Smoker

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I got lucky and landed a Silver Smoker on Craigslist.  This womans fiancee left her high and dry with a smoker and a Harley.  (whats wrong with this guy). Anyway, she wanted $150 for the smoker before we took the cover off and there was a tiny bit of rust.  She said, get it off my deck for $25.  I said hell ya.  


I stripped it, sanded it, and repainted. I am working on the Baffle, Chimney extender, and Charcoal box now.  I do not have welding equipment, so I am doing this by hand for the most part.  Im looking at function over form.  I have two therms on the way from ebay.  Going to mount them on each end of the front door.  Whats the best way to cover the existing holes?  I was going to use nuts and washers (stainless steel).  Any other suggestions (sans welding)?  I will update this thread later once I finish the rest of the mods.    smoker.jpg

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You couldn't find any rust on the Harley?


Good luck and good smoking.

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Great score!

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Nice find!


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Dam that was a quick price drop. How much she want for the Bike.......Bet ya didn't blink an eye at the $25. NICE score

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