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Jerky before the storm

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Was in the grocery store picking up some last minute items before Irene, found a Beef Round Eye of Round Roast that looked pretty good.  Cut it into 1/4 pieces with my cheapy little slicer and into brine for the night.  (Sorry no pics of prep)






Saturday morning prepped the MES30 with Pecan and Cherry dust.




Notice the nice thin blue smoke, ready for the smoker.




No pics of prep but here is the meat ready for some smoke.





1st two hours were smoke only with both ends going, no heat.  Next hour MES was set to 120 deg, final hour was MES set to 160 deg then into the dehydrator set at 145 deg for 3 hours.


Here is the Jerky out of the dehydrator resting on the counter for 30 minutes then into baggies and freezer.




Another shot, might be a couple of pieces missing.




Thanks for checking it out.



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Great looking jerky!

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Looks great Gary!


Good luck with the storm!

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Thanks Bomber, Train and Al,  I had a small branch come through the garage roof, other than that just a big mess.  At least I have snacks to eat while cleaning up.

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And some cold beer to go with the snacks I hope!

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Yup, cold beer in garage fridge, never lost power so it's still cold.  I can see some in my future today during cleanup.  biggrin.gif

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