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stuffed miami potatoes and steak for dinner

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tried something new today, i took a raw potatoe , cut it in half, hollowed out a grove and filled it then back together and into the smoker with a chuckie for dinner


potatoes cut in half then


8 27 004.jpg


cheddar cheese, bacon and chives mixed together


8 27 005.jpg


stuffed and ready to smoke


8 27 006.jpg


a little butter, garlic and kosher salt then add the potato , wrap in foil


8 27 008.jpg


some nice spicy mango marinade over night


8 27 003.jpg


about three hours smoke time


8 27 010.jpg


unwrapped, the cheese and butter melted nice with the garlic butter absorbing nicely into the skin  about two hours on the smoker


8 27 011.jpg


cut that meat up   some good bones for the pup


8 27 012.jpg



that was dinner

 thanks for looking

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How did the taters turn out? Did they get too smokey? I tried smoking them once and in just 2 hours the smoke taste was pretty strong.  I do like your idea for hollowing them out and stuffing them.


And the chuckie looks good!  I never thought to smoke a chuck steak before like that.  A good way to get some chuckie quick for dinner.

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Looks like a great meal Rick!


We love smoked taters around here.

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I would eat that for dinner...nice job. Like those tators...

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Looks Awesome Rick!!!!


I'm betting you left a little meat on those bones for the Pup!!!


She works hard for her treats!!!!  biggrin.gif




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Rick it looks yummy i will love having it for dinner

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Looks great Rick.


But, I would throw the pup a milk bone and save the beef bones for stock.  LOL


Good luck and good smoking.

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Those potatoes look awesome.........I would love to try those.

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Awesome job Rick

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