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Baby Brisket

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A place just down the street sells all natural grass feed beef, finally stopped in the other day just to look around.  Only thing that caught my eye was this baby brisket, all 1.17 lbs of it.  Since the kid and bf were going to be out of town last Sunday thought it would be a good time to try.  (Second time I posted late from last weekendwife.gif  ) 



Here's the little cuttie thawed out and ready for the rub.  I am in the middle of a house project as I was doing the smokes last weekend and did not get a lot of pics of the prep so from here right to MES30.





Tried something different.  I put some water and beef broth in the pan, covered with foil and just poked some holes in the end that was going to be under the brisket.  Reason was I wanted to put the AMNPS on the rack above the water pan and thought this keep the area above the left side dry, worked pretty well as the AMNPS burned the whole time.







Got the fire going on both ends of the AMNPS.





Well I did it again.  Due to the size of the brisket I figured 1.17 lbs X 2 hours per pound with at least 1 hour of cooler time then added time just because I could put the brisket on at 12:30 for a six o'clock meal.  Well who the hell would have thought this small brisket, 1 1/2 inches thick at the most would run into a stall?  It did not help that I was only running the MES around 210-215 degrees to start with but that is not much lower than I would normally use.  With a little project going on in the house I was not watching like I should have, started to bump up the temps around 4 but it was too late and at 6 it was only 170 deg.  I moved the therm around hoping it was in a bad spot but no such luck.


Well plan "B".  Last time I did not listen to the experts about times and temps and was too lazy to get up and get the brisket on the smoker (I think I forgot to post that one  biggrin.gif  ) I ran into the same problem so I made the same executive decision to make some man candy even though this was a flat.  Cut up into cubes, added some worsty, bbq sauce and a bit more rub, refilled AMNPS and put back into smoker with temps raised to 260 deg.





Well, have to say other than eating at 7:30 instead of 6 it came out pretty tender and tasty.  Sue made some cornbread with cut up hotdogs and had some left over garlic toast and other items from yesterdays meal.







Thanks for taken a look





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Do you need any help eating that....looks just great !

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Thanks Roller.  Only good thing about the weather is I am catching up on some late posting.  Meal came out great, as most things I smoke I seen a post for the man candy on this site and it has covered my butt twice now.  Someday may have to try it on purpose   icon_smile.gif  . 

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Sounds like no matter what happens, you are capable of using "Field Expediency".


In the end---It was Great !!!


Nice Plate Too !!!



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It sounds like it all came together in the end down to the corn bread.  I do love corn bread and soft butter.

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Looks delicious!


I think the guys missed out on a great meal!

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Morning Al.  Yea thanks too many people on this site was able to have a backup plan.  How's the weather there, we still have strong winds but no damage at our hour, still have power but will take awhile to clean up the mess.

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Originally Posted by garyinmd View Post

Morning Al.  Yea thanks too many people on this site was able to have a backup plan.  How's the weather there, we still have strong winds but no damage at our hour, still have power but will take awhile to clean up the mess.

The weather here is beautiful!


Sunshine & nice 10-15 MPH breeze!


All we got from Irene was some 20-25 mph winds & a couple of thunderstorms.


Glad you didn't have any damage!

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Just replied in the Jerky thread Al, had a small branch come though the garage roof but minor compared to others.

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That's great Gary.


We have a couple of more months of this & hopefully we will all get through it with no damage.


We could sure use some rain down here though.


A nice wet tropical storm passing over us would be a blessing .

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