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New cover

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I purchased a new cover for my GOSM Big Block, 3605BGD. I bought this one from Landmann as I could not find one anywhere else. the last one I purchased from Amazon and had the GOSM logo etc on it. I gotta tell ya, the one by Landmann is far superior than the other one I had. It is a little heavier, has extra padding on top where my top vent is and even has a zipper down one corner which really makes it nice putting on and taking off. Also has the standard velcro straps to go under the legs. The cost was $30 plus $8 shipping and I got it in like 4 days.


If you are looking for a new cover, they would be my recommendation and are just really great to work with on the phone. Real down homsey folks...


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Man I like the zipper idea!

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i see nothins.png

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Thanks for the info...

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31975 Smoker cover 320.jpg




  • Durable, weather-resistant PVC with lining material
  • Zippered side allows for easy removal and covering of the smoker
  • Velcro straps on bottom secure the cover to the smoker – prevent the wind from pulling cover off smoker
  • Fits smokers with cooking chamber size:  36” x 24” x 16”




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Looks like I'm getting a new cover thanks.

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