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Thermometer placement?

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Hey guys I think today I'm going to do my first (maybe 2 or 3 for left overs) whole chicken. Now the only meat thermometer I own is the one on my DigiQ DX, so where do I place it? In the breast or the thigh? I was going to use Cherry as the only chunks I have are Cherry and Mesquite. Only use smoke for about 2 hours right, then the rest of the cook solid heat? Was thinking about hanging around in the 235* - 240* range.

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Put it in the thick part of the thigh, between the thigh & breast.


When it hits 175 it's done.


I use mesquite for poultry & give it smoke the whole time.


If you smoke it at 235-240 you will have rubbery skin. 


I would smoke it at 300-325 if your smoker will go that high.

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Thanks Al, my smoker should be able to go that high. I just got back from getting 3 chickens all around 5.3 pounds. I am charging up my camera battery too.... hahah

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God luck Ray!


We'll be looking forward to the Q-view.

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At such temps what is the expected time frame? I'me coming on two hours and my food temp is reading 136 - 137 I was kind of struggling to hit the 330 mark most of the time staying at 288 so far. I couldn't figure out why because I've hit 350 before easily. But then I figured wait a minute, its a traditional smoker with no convection plate so I obviously have a hot spot to the left, move the probe and chicken over to the left, no problem with temps over there. So I hope I can crispy up the skin with the remainder of the cook.

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One of the first times my wife has sat outside with me (for an hour) and I began to plead my case as to why I need a Lang biggrin.gif hahaha. She put her foot down last night saying I need to get a job first before I can get a new BBQ. Understandable but then I plead my case to her that my bank account is only low because I spent so much $ on appliances for our house, when she didn't, and paid for an expensive dog for her as a wedding gift! So I argue if she repays me for just the washer and dryer I'll have plenty to pay for a Lang 48 original! hahaha but my case gets dismissed.

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I'll tell you what though this is the first time I've ever smoked a whole chicken in about 10 years of Q'n and it smells delish!

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It sounds great Ray!


Good luck with the Lang!

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