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Yes Todd, the higher heat is what I'm blaming the toughness on. It got done way too quick and wouldnt you know it the AMNPS was smoking for about 10 hours - I just let it go because it smelled so dang good!


Thanks all for the comments!



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Interesting John.  I don't have the AMNPS, but when I got my AMNS, I loaded her up the first time and timed the burn.  Like you, I didn't mind the wait.  I opened the garage door just to get that sweet smell from the patio.  My other half came out to the garage often to smell that sweet perfume, too.


I agree with others, I have had my best luck with briskets at the lower heats.  With a Kettle, I know heat control is tricky cause I've done it.  Hang in there, you are well on your way!


Good luck and good smoking.

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HOLEY-MOLEY  great brisket.  I as well use my AMZNPS but can control the heat with a newly installed air vent.  Making a smoke generator that will house my small AMZNS and use a aquarium pump to push smoke--should be a hoot!!



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Nuff Said!




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