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Weber top for UDS question!

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I'm in the process of building my second UDS.  I have a Weber Kettle lid that I've modified to fit on top.  Do I need to drill any more exhaust holes on the lid?  Today I put the Weber lid on my existing UDS while I was smoking and my temps kept dropping.  I couldn't seem to keep the temp regulated at all. When I'd open all the intakes valves I could get the temp up, but as I'd start closing them it just would never stabilize.  Any help is appreciated!

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Interesting question. 


It would seem to me that the exhaust vent in a Weber lid would be sufficient, but I'm no UDS expert.



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For normal smoking temps they're fine, and I keep them wide open.

But I find the exhaust vents not sufficient for high temp cooks, like doing chicken at 350F, for instance.  I have to crack the lid open to let the drum breathe.


I know some 22" WSM owners add additional vents on the lid for this very reason.

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Carbon brings up a good point. What temps were you trying to maintain? I would think it would be fine if you were shooting for around 225 degrees but anything is possible. I have the opposite problem with my lid I just got to work. Mine wants to get much hotter than my standard lid. I am guessing its because it has 7-10 small holes that were made for holding grates on the charcoal grill. I  am going to try and plug them on my next smoke and see if I can maintain lower temps. I finally got around to fitting my dome lid on my last smoke so that was  my first run with it and I was trying to maintain 225 but it kept wanting to climb to around 275. I finally had  to close my exhaust a bit then I could maintain lower temps. I am hoping that by plugging all of those holes I will be  fine but I guess I will have to wait and see. It sure is nice having all of that extra room on the top rack with that dome lid.

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I think the existing vent will be just fine.

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