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Just Another Apple Wood Smoked Rack O' Ribs with Qview

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Last slab of the Costco 2 rack pack. Did a Yoshida pour over and then the rub for the overnight marinade. Decided on a straight 6 vs the 3-2-1 but allowed extra time for the meaty rack. Had the gasser at 225-230 and slid the rack in at 11 AM wanting to eat at 6. Used unsoaked apple wood chunks to compliment the pork and not overpower the light teriyaki taste I was looking for. No spritzing or foiling, it was VERY HOT and I was lazy. I set it and forgot it. Pulled the rack after about 6.5 hours to rest a bit. I was a little concerned as they looked a tad dry but when I cut through them they sliced like butter and were moist inside with just the right amount of tug off the bone. The Yoshida gave them a nice hint of teri and the rub provided some nice zing....seems I nailed it and the extra time helped just right.



ready for the overnight



after overnight marinade

after overnight.jpg


after 6.5 hours



one for the Bear

bear view.jpg

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Man, love iticon_exclaim.gif  Gimme some,please......

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Nice looking ribs!


Good luck and good smoking.

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you just made me really hungry.  those look great.  Still trying to decide what I'm gonna smoke Sun.  I may go for my first chuckie.

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That looks Great, Willie !!!


Nice BearView too !!!!


It looks soooo Chooooosy, by golly!!!!!!  biggrin.gif




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Nice and tender and very juicey awesomedrool.gif

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Nice - we have not had a  Yoshidas post for a long time. Old timers will remember that was RonP's go to. RIP

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Great job on the ribs Willie!


The look deliciously juicy & tender!

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Beautiful color.  I really like the KISS principle being used.  Yoshida's really works with Spares and a lot of other pork meat cuts. 

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Nice looking ribs.  I have a stick burner, can't do the set it and forget routine.  How do you slice the ribs when your don't trim first, maybe the same way as trim just after they are done?

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Nah...I just cut up along the rib then through the cartilage, two to a cut...I've tried lots of different trim styles and that is really easy, fast, and tasty!

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Nice smoke! Haven't used yoshidas in a while but it's good stuff.

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