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Beer and Ammo


Sounds like a Redneck wedding!

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I have 2 Honda EU2000i generators.  Very efficient @ 8 hours per gallon.  Super quiet, too.  It has stable power so it is safe for electronics. I can power the house fridge, garage fridge and chest freezer, tv, dvd, satellite receiver/dvr, aquarium, and a couple lamps on one of them.  Second one powers a window unit a/c for the bedroom, a fan, a couple lamps, and all computers and printers in the office. 


It's a pain with the spaghetti bowl of power cords.  But I would rather have the quiet efficient gens., and not have to deal with hooking a gen. to my house main. 


I usually have enough frozen meats to last several days.  Down here in S FL after Frances, Jeanne and Wilma cost stores thousands in food loss, most of the grocery stores and Costco have generators now.  As long as I have enough gas for the gens. and the Weber, I am fine.  (providing the house is still here). 

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Maybe use a salting technique?

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