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First Try at Pulled Pork

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I'm going to try smoking a Boston Butt for some good Eastern Carolina Pulled Pork tomorrow.  This is by far my most ambition attempt thus far.  I'll be using a Weber 22.5 Kettle with the Smokenator 1000.  I am going to put a rub on tonight (although I have yet to figure out what rub to use).

Do any of you have a rub you love (I'm going to buy Jeff's, but not this month)?  Any other pearls of wisdom that I can use?

I'll upload pics through out the day tomorrow.

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Just do a google search on pork dry rub. Jeff's is very good. My rub is mostly brown sugar and paprika with  chili powder and cajun spices added in. It's a pretty spicy mixture and I coat the butt with maple syrup and honey then apply the rub before wrapping and into the fridge overnight. Makes for a nice spicy/sweet bark when its done.

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I used to use my weber kettle as a smoker and it always did the job really well. Be sure and do the minion method and that will keep the babysitting to a minimum. I use Jeff's rub to but I played with it to fit my taste. I would just google "pork rub" and find one that you think will suit your taste. Good luck and post some pics for us!
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Better tie them legs down...good luck.

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I just did one the other day that I coated with apple juice and the rub was some pepper and then  equal parts kosher salt, garlic powder, onion powder, brown sugar. Simple but I loved it. I also injected with apple juice the night before. Good luck and don't forget the Q-View.

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Looking forward to seeing your results.

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This was last night!  Equal parts: Brown Sugar, Kosher Salt, Granulated Garlic, Onion Power, Chili Powder, Dried Basil, Cumin, and Paprika.

The Butt went on at 8am and so far everything is going great!

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1 Hour In.JPG1Hour In

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2 Hours In.JPG2 Hours In

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I realized that the smokenator was not as snug to the kettle as I thought.  One side of the coals went out so I am trying to get them let again.  Needless to say the temp has been a little harder to control.

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Looks good so far!

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4 Hours In.JPG4 Hours In!

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5 Hours In.JPG5 Hours In 

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Looks great Bob!


It's getting some nice bark!

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very nice.....great pics....thanks for sharing.......grilling_smilie.gif

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I never know how much fat to trim off,, that does look dang gummed good :)  I could eat the crust all day :)  Hope you have it all pulled before Irene gets there to get some :)  Hope you weather the storm okay.

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Everyone wish me luck!! I'm going to attempt my first smoking experience  this weekend with a shoulder. Low and Slow. Probably going to do a 6lb shoulder, so I'm thinking 8-9 hours at 225?

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all looking good....very nice color on those chickys...nice job

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from what I have read over n over, standard flexible rule :)  1 - 1.5 hours per pound at 225.  Hope everyone drools over it when you are done :)

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