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AMZNPS Pistachios

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Got my AMZNPS fired up with some hickory.



Got my 4 rack on.






Now making the coating for the pistachios.






Giving some AMZNPS time.


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Man those sure look good from here. I see a BBQ sauce - what is the rub?

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That's Nuts !!!


I love Pistachios!!!


Never tried seasoning & smoking---gotta be awesome!!!




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Originally Posted by Scarbelly View Post

Man those sure look good from here. I see a BBQ sauce - what is the rub?

The Starnes is from a friend in Paducah KY and is only avail there at this small bbq shack.


The dry is from a friend in ILL who knows the guy who blends it. He has been on tv and is from bayou cajun country but now lives in ILL. The rub is called Soileau's or down there they say (Swallows) It'll put a fire in zing in your mix.

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What an awesome idea!

I love pistachios and never thought of smoking them


Another thing for my "Bucket List"!




No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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Got the pistachios cooling. Hit em with the MAK at 225 for 45 mins.


aint as many now after a couple handfuls



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Great idea Nepas. I was goin' to do a batch of Seemore's Blazing Pistachios this weekend, now I have to get twice as many Pistachios so I can try those too. Got the Starnes Bar-B-Q Sauce and the Soileau's Bayou Blend, so why not. They look killer.     thumb1.gif

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love pistachios........go to sams and get a 3 lb bag for 15 bucks all the time.... will have to try them smoked.....



why red pistachios are not common anymore

The pistachio was dyed red many years ago. When the nut fell from the bushes in dry arid mountainous areas of iran and Turkey, the pistachio shell got stained. In order to cover the blemish, a New York importer started red dyeing the pistachio in the early 1950's. By the 1980's Californai had a large crop, but the tradition of dyeing the pistachio red continues to this day. There is no difference between the natural and the red colored pistachio - except looks....


Thanks nepas

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Lots of them grown in this area.  I had no idea some were still dyed red.


Good luck and good smoking.

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Wheels a turning here, thanks! icon14.gif

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what a great idea

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Great idea!


Love pistachios!


Bet they are great smoked!

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My sister just asked if I ever thought of smoking pistachios. Guess I have to try it now... Oh darn;-)
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