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I saw an episode of "Chopped" last night where one of the contestants made the mistake of returning cooked chicken to the same dirty cutting board the chicken was broken down on.  One of the judges/Chefs pointed it out to the other judges.   It was between her and a Chef that didn't have time to properly cook the chicken and served it with an undercooked middle.   Both dishes where inedible.  The judges decided that a blatent safety mistake was a larger disqualification then running out of time and turning in undercooked food in a competition


BRAVO    The statement was that a professional chef shouldn't make such mistakes


Just curious to those of you that do competitions, how closely are the teams monitored for food safety?

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Have you seen the ones where the cooks cut themselves and are bleeding IN the food and they actually try and serve it to the judges?? really makes you wonder about some people. I have seen other cooking show where people have dropped food on the floor and tried to serve it,, on national tv,,,,

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