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That my friend looks awesome, I sure would like to taste that.


I understand what you are saying about the Cantonese stir frying, the Chinese here are Haca, a sub culture of Cantonese, ...thanks for the lesson about the Northern Chinese way of cooking, when things slow down for me I would like to try this, ...I hope you don't mind if I ask a lot of "dumb" questions.


Thanks for taking the time to smoke this for us, it's nice to see the different ways the people of the world cook.



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Ask all the questions you want. Glad you liked it.

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In memphis their is dyers.They fry their burgers.They have the same grease from 1912. They just add to it. was on dinners drive inns and dives.

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Wow excellent read and unique technique. Totally impressed.


Thank you Moikel

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